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Festival 2019 # 2Loy Krathong celebrates in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Loy Krathong is a Siamese festival celebrated annually throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. The name is translated to “float a basket”, and comes from the tradition of making Krathong decorated baskets, which are floated on a river.Loy Krathong takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar; hence, the exact date of the festival changes every year. In the Western calendar this usually falls in the month of November. In 2019 it was celebrated on November 11-12; In Thailand, the festival is known as “Loy Krathong”

Loy (ลอย)means “to float”, while Krathong (กระทง)has various meanings, one of which is “A small container made of leaves which can be floated on water during the Loy Krathong festival”. Krathong is traditionally a small leaf container which is made to hold a small portion of goods like a traditional Thai dish (such as “Hor Mok”) or dessert. The traditional Krathong used for floating at the festival are made from a slice of a banana tree trunk or a spider lily plant. A bread Krathong will disintegrate after a few days and can be eaten by fish. Banana stalk Krathong are also biodegradable, as they pollute the rivers and may take years to decompose. A Krathong is decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, incense sticks, and a candle. A small coin is sometimes included as an offering to the river spirits.

On the night of the full moon, Thais launch their krathong on a river, canal or a pond, making a wish as they do so. The festival may originate from an ancient ritual paying respect to the water spirits. Thai Buddhists in Thailand to honor the Buddha, The candle venerates the Buddha with light, while the Krathong’s floating symbolizes letting go of all one’s hatred, anger, and defilements. People sometimes cut their fingernails or hair and place the clippings on the Krathong as a symbol of letting go of past transgressions and negative thoughts. Many Thais use the Krathong to thank the Goddess of Water

Yi Peng

Loi Krathong coincides with the Lanna (Northern Thai) festival known as “Yi Peng”Yi means “two”
Peng means a “Full moon day”. Yi Peng refers to the full moon day in the second month according to the Lanna lunar calendar (the twelfth month of the Thai lunar calendar). The festival is meant as a time to make merit literally: ‘floating lanterns’, are launched into the air. Khomloy are made from a thin fabric, such as rice paper, stretched over a bamboo or wire frame, to which a candle or fuel cell is attached. When the fuel cell is lit, the resulting hot air is trapped inside the lantern and creates enough lift for the Khomloy to float into the sky. During festival, some people also decorate their houses, gardens, and temples with Khom Fai intricately shaped paper lanterns which take on different forms. Khom Thue are lanterns which are carried around hanging from a stick, Khom Khwaen are the hanging lanterns, which are placed at temples and which revolve due to the heat of the candle inside. The most elaborate Yi Peng celebrations can be seen in Chiang Mai, the ancient capital of the former Lanna kingdom, where now both Loi Krathong and Yi Peng are celebrated at the same time resulting in lights floating on the waters, lights hanging from trees/buildings or standing on walls, and lights floating in the sky. The tradition of Yi Peng was also adopted by certain parts of Laos during the 16th century.Partially made krathong showing trunk of banana tree and banana leaves.

(Belief inYiPeng)

1 Forest entrance

If anyone comes to Chiangmai before Loy Krathong Festival about 1-2 days to see the house, temple or some place. There are arches made of banana trees or sugar cane. Decorated with native lamps or Yi Peng lamps and Thai flowers such as marigold flower, Amaranth flower is a gate. According to belief of Lanna people, the forest gate is sacrifices to welcome the Buddha come out from the forest. And it said that if most of the Lanna people listen to the defecation, they will be auspicious to themselves and the country.

2 Phra Prathip

Loy Krathong Lanna Lantern Night Festival that is the point of the candle light which is a pottery like a small cup for wax or oil and the cotton line for the light. The light is the light, The Buddha is worshiped. It is believed that this is a place to repay merit to the benefactors. The Lanna Ten hold each other that the spotlight is to pay homage to what we have used. It is believed that the light of the lamp will help the intellect but intelligence. There is light to guide life to progress. All the houses in the north of Yi Peng are filled with the light of candles. In addition, some of the demonstrations and visitors try to make a candle. Loy Krathong is another tourist activity.

  1. Lantern

Thai people belief in Phra That Ket Kaew. (The yearly relics or dog years) that are enshrined in heaven, that is emit air fire lantern. Make the tradition of releasing the lantern; it is believed that the emitting of the lantern is like let them gone or Leave bad things out of life by leading the way

  1. Loy Kratong Festival

The first person who initiated Loy Krathong at Chiang Mai is the royal princess Dara rassame. After Loy Krathong had become a tradition that all regions of Thai people practice some beliefs also passed along as well, such as cutting the hair and nails into the pan, To Misfortune Go with the tides some people prefer to put coins or money into the Krathong. It is believed that the blessing will help prayers, which most young people believe in the blessing of love.

 Goal & Objective

1.To preserve and publish Yi Peng culture of the year 2019.

  1. To simulate ancient Lanna market, folk art show and Ancient Lanna Drum among foreign tourists to maintain Thai culture.
  2. To provoke image of cultural tourism and traditions of Loy Krathong for stimulate the economy, tourism, culture and traditions of Thailand.
  3. Donate money to the foundation, society and cultural charities.

Operation time: 11-12 November 2019 at 16.30-21.30 PM

Organized By : HuangfulongArtandCultureCompany Venue at

(Military Riding Club, Animal and Agricultural Division 3 Department of Army Animals.) Chiangmai Thailand


1.To increase number of foreign tourists makes impress and learn the local wisdom of the Lanna people from them.

  1. Know about the potential of culture and local wisdom.
  2. To increase income from cultural tourism in Chiangmai.

What are the characteristics and highlight of our work?

  1. Different format and unique.
  2. Organizer considerate all customer participated to be satisfied in every aspect of the beautiful atmosphere. In order to the tradition and Lanna culture such as quality of food, select famous person both domestic and international. Prepare to cook for every customer. Mrs. Chamnain Eamcharoen, or that the people known as “PATA”
  3. The folk artist who has selected the actor as a teacher and famous folk artists in all fields, the show reveal to have published a reputation of all artists.
  4. Senior Lanna Sword and Sword handle rattan Fork Artist and lanna language
  5. Veggies Food Corner (We will have a Veggies food corner for Vegetarian)
  6. Container for food is made from natural materials to preserve the environment
  7. Atmospheres will allow tourist to participate in lanna market and cultural activities Loy Krathong together. Such as self-taught cooking, making a oil dish activities

8.Have a look at the traditional folk art and ancient sword Dance

9.Watch and play with the folk performances of the northern tribes such as ancient Swing of the Hmong tribe

10.Provide ambulance service for tourists in the event in case of emergency

11.Provide Fire Truck and rescue teams to ensure safety in case of emergency.

12.Provide police officers with the safety of visiting tourists.

13.To regulate releases of lantern at the same time to make beautiful photos.


  1. To keep on the tradition with both social development and community that creates sustainable tourism. “Develop a community to progress. For sustainable tourism At the fair, Lanna Folk Performers were organized and local folk games. There is a simulated version of the Lanna market Let the participants have fun. And eat Thai Lanna in the form of folk way. Including important point in the work is to release the Yi Peng to worship Ket Kaew Chulamanee Buddha.
  2. Some of revenue, finding a budget for charity


Because rituals prayers, meditation and launching lantern are important part of the Buddhist ritual should follow the instructions of the MC are strictly for peace of mind and security

Foods, Snacks Fruit for Ice Cream and herbal water. (Subject to change as appropriate) Type of food Thai stir fried rice steamed sticky rice, pork, mushroom, Steamed Buns,


  • Northern-Style hors d-oeuvre (Northern-Thai Style Sausage, Fermented Pork Sausage, Sour Sausage in Banana Leaf)
  • Kratong Thong (Minced Chicken and Sweet Corn in Crispy Golden Cup)
  • Grilled Mushrooms with Thai Spicy Sauce Egg on Banana Leaf)
  • Grilled Sticky Rice Mai Curry Noodles)
  • Rice Noodles with Spicy Pork Sauce Fried Noodles)
  • Kai-Parm (Grilled • Khao Soi (Chiang
  • Pad Thai (Thai Stir
  • Khao Ram Fuen (Noodle Soup with a Sour Base) • Crispy Thai Laab Meatball
  • Deep Fried Pumpkin
  • Crispy Rice and Herb Ball Lao Style
  • Northern-Thai Style Pork Curry with Garlic Noodle
  • Vegetables Curry in Northern-Thai Style Banana Cake
  • Khao Tom Mat (Bananas with Sticky Rice) Beans and Coconut
  • Steamed Peanuts and Potatoes Cream
  • Grass Jelly
  • Fried Banana • Tomato Rice
  • Sip Song Panna • Thai Steamed
  • Sticky Rice with • Thai Ancient Ice
  • Herbal Drinks


  1. To comply with the security policy and to avoid causing noise disturbance to other participants, our staff allow children to attend but will not responsible for any cases that may occur to children who attend the event.
  2. Firecrackers, sky lanterns, weapons, gambling equipment, illegal objects including alcohol beverages are prohibited.
  3. All ticket is non-refundable in any cases.


  1. Participants are kindly requested to dress in Lanna Thai attire costume or polite clothing.
  2. Participate in religious activities with respect and peace for the sanctity of the ceremony.
  3. No drinking alcohol & No Smoking


  1. If there are any risk of immediate events such as natural disasters and government orders, which may be cause of the failure, DSF reserves the right NOT to refund all cases.


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